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SCAM on 1967 & 1968 Ford Mustang Eleanor
By: sm_skater ( 490Feedback score is 100 to 499)  Top 5000 Reviewer
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How many time will tis guy list a 1968 GT500E..

There were 501 of these cars made.. Their value is over $200,000 US.

Check out www dot Oldride dot com


www dot barrett-jackson dot com for real prices on Eleanors

This is just another Scumbag trying to scamm E-Bayers.

No where will you buy a 1968 GT500E for less than $100,000 in the condition they describe.

I emailed the Seller asking for VIN, Engine Serial Number, and Location to have the car Inspected.. He wanted $500 via WU before he would release the Information to me.. Go Figure


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