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PATS Keys for Vehicles equiped with transponder locks
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PATS Transponder keys for Vehicles

This guide pretains to replacing lost car keys that use the transponder (Chip) to protect your vehicle from auto theft.

by SBCOFIRE Internet Auctions

First, to recognize that you have one of these keys, they are usually the type of key that has a large plastic head.  These can be black, or another color depending on your make of vehicle. The large head accomidates the chip used in identifying your keys when trying to start your car.  No other keys will work. Not even if they have the exact same key cutting pattern. You may however, unlock your car door without pre-programming.

Typically, cars and keys made prior to 1998 will require that you have at least one working key in order to program a new one.

Cars made after 1998 will require you to have 2 working keys before you can program a new one.

If you have a car made after 1998 and lose your 2nd key, you will have to take your one good key, and your car into the dealer or a good locksmith for programming ( they have to use a special device) before you can make and program a cheaper PATS key for an extra.  This can cost from $50--$100 and takes about twenty minutes to complete.

You can see that purchasing , cutting and programming a new key early will save you a ton of money.  I have done both examples above.

There are many PATS keys dealers both on Ebay and the Internet.  I have used a couple like AMAZINGKEYS and others with very satisfying results.  If you need one, type your vehicle make and model and PATS in the search window like this example :

PATS Ford Windstar

Best advice I can give you are these:

1.  Make an extra key before you lose a key. This way you can buy, have cut and program your own..about $20 max.

2.  Find a good locksmith that will program a second key for $50 or less.  They have to use a special device to do it.

3.  Find out how to program your key. Many internet sites are available or ask your PATS key sales person to include programming instructions.

     It really is easy and takes only seconds.

4.  If you lose all of your keys because you didn't listen to me, expect a bill around $280 to re-key and re-program your vehicle.




A customer contacted me regarding PATS key programming for the 2001 NISSAN PATHFINDER.   I have information that this peticular vehicle will require that you take the vehicle and new key to a locksmith or dealer for programming.


Extra Entry 2011-  Now we have FOB keys. These keys can be identified by the Door function Buttons resting on the key head.  No more extra door opener on the key ring. More about these keys to come......


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