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BEWARE  The seller alanticblue305 and frenchblue212, one and the same, buys sports cars and then relists them with fraudulent descriptions and odometer readings.  He has since made his feedback private so no one can see what he does. He purchased an MGB from me and then relisted it with totally false information.  I had already left him positive feedback, so I went back and added what I knew he was doing to my feedback.  This is when he made his feedback private.  When I confronted him about his dishonesty, I was told to mind my own business. I was able to stop his auction and protect the buyer from being ripped off.  There is another person who was defrauded by him, who will be happy to tell you about this guy.  He got screwed on a TR-6 Triumph. You can contact him by contacting me through eBay.  susieq$dino

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