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1966 - 1970 Falcon Interchange Guide
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I thought people that are building a 1966-1970 Ford Falcon would like to know what parts interchange.

Hoods: All 1966-1970 Hoods are the same with the exception of the hood trim, 66-67 are the same. 68-70 have a larger trim with support bracket. Also the     1966 Ranchero hood is the same.

Doors: 1966-1970 Doors are the same for the 2 door. Except the door panels, all doors have the provisions for the different arm rests and handles.

Fenders: 1966-1970 1966 Fenders are the same as the 1966 ranchero.                       Front Bumpers: 66-67 same. Also the 66 ranchero is the same

                                 1967 One year only with louvers.                                                                         68-70 same

                                  1968 One year only                                                                   Rear Bumpers:  66-70 all the same

                                  1969-70 are the same.                                                               

Grilles: 1966 Falcon and 66 Ranchero are the same                                                      Taillights: 66 only

            1967 Falcon one year only                                                                                              67 only 

            1968-1970 Falcon same                                                                                                 68-70 same

Keep Checking will have more interchanges.

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